About Us

FitFactory was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective: to make high-quality custom-made menswear accessible, convenient, and affordable.
FitFactory's custom suit
We believe that fitted suits and shirts create the smart look that every guy strives for. However, tailor-fit suiting / shirting is not currently practical for the vast majority of men interested in looking their best. We fix this problem by combining the power of technology with a network of expert local tailors to deliver great suits at amazing price.
Custom suit - FitFactory
Custom menswear is traditionally very expensive – lavish showrooms staffed by stylists and salespeople create overhead costs that virtually guarantee a 4-digit price tag. As a result, most guys have to settle for off-the-rack suits with a “close-enough” fit. Online tailors exist, but most require you to find a friend to take measurements. Do your friends make clothing in their spare time? If they do, then you’ve got some pretty talented friends! If they don’t, then I’m not sure I’d spend hundreds of dollars on a suit that they designed.

FitFactory sees an opportunity to partner with great local tailors everywhere who can help take your measurements with precision. By carefully selecting only the most skilled, we are able to take your measurement at a location convenient for you. By cutting out expensive showrooms and salespeople working on commission, we are able to pass the savings on to you.
Custom Suit - FitFactory
We only deliver high-quality products. Once we receive your measurement, each suit and shirt are crafted by a real human being - internationally sought-after tailors in Thailand. With over 35 years of experience, these guys guarantee your fit. Custom suiting / shirting has never been this accessible, convenient and affordable. We hope you enjoy your outfits as much as we enjoy ours!